Invipo integration platform

Software for smart cities and intelligent transport systems

Invipo is a data storage, management software and information portal in one. It integrates city and road technologies into a common user interface with smart tools.


For anyone in town or on the go

Everything that happens in the city and on the roads in one app. Monitoring the current state of the equipment, operational management, maintenance organisation, alerts and warnings.
A city like the palm of your hand. Clearly and clearly. If it's working, or if there's something that needs to be addressed. Statistics, reports and recommendations for effective financial management, sound investments and an ideal development plan.
Up-to-date information immediately and anywhere. Traffic conditions, parking, information about public transport, but also about weather, culture or smart hints and tips. All on your mobile and on the web.

Invipo in the city

On the stage

Invipo's integration platform is powered by a range of sensors that collect all sorts of data, from traffic to air quality. This data is then used to optimize traffic, deal with emergencies, improve urban infrastructure and services, optimize resources, improve safety or even develop sustainability. Invipo connects different city services and systems and enables them to work together.

In the city

Monitoring device status

What's going on.

Online right now.

Data and information

Who rules the data, rules.

Having the correct information is essential.


Leave routine tasks to the machine.

It's fast, accurate and never sleeps.


You'll never miss anything.

Malfunctions, sudden situations or important events.

Information visualisation

Visual information you understand.

You don't have to be a data scientist to figure out what's going on.


The size of the city doesn't matter.

We will help you from A to Z.


We won't lock you in.

The door is still open for expansion with other systems.


Invipo does not commit to anything. It enables continuous growth and gradual integration of diverse systems regardless of their suppliers and operators.
Data is securely stored and managed so that you can provide its aggregated form to other entities and the public.

User interface

Unified control where you won't get lost.

Intuitive, clear and without unnecessary clicking.

User interface

You don't have to deal with the fact that each integrated system has its own application with a different user environment. You don't have to learn them. Invipo offers a unified interface for all involved parts, unified controls and displays. So you will be able to manage even a newly integrated system immediately.

Administration and maintenance

Managed maintenance is key to savings.

Ensure functionality and minimise costs.

Administration and maintenance

Having a detailed overview of the system and its components is essential for efficient maintenance and proper operation. Passporting of each device, immediate notification of faults, but also a regular maintenance plan and organization of service interventions. These are the Invipo tools.

Integration API

You can connect anything.

Because we have a great API.

Integration API

Invipo offers a very lean and simple API integration layer that can be used to connect any technology or system. You can use Invipo as a unifying element for disparate systems and finally get organized.
We have a lot of experience with different types of data, so we've made all the structures and methodologies very simple to devise and set up. What's more, we are transparent and support a large number of industry standards.

Invipo for the public

Information not only for those who run the city, but also for those who live in the city.

Portal for citizens

Invipo Public Portal

An informed citizen is a satisfied citizen.

Open Data portal

Invipo Open Data Portal

Release the data and let it live.

Supported technology

No technology will catch us by surprise.
And that we already know a lot of them.

We support a range of technologies and standards. And if you don't find them at Invipo, we'll be happy to incorporate them into our ecosystem.

Integrate technology into Invipo

Are you interested in learning more and would
rather talk to us?

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