Invipo is flexible and lightweight platform for integration of technologies, systems and services in the cities and on the roads.


How Invipo works

It does not matter, how big your project is – Invipo is developed as an scalable platform and is ready to operates in different areas – brightly and easily.

Smart City from Incinity

„Smart City“ term is usually big nightmare for all interested people. From our point of view, it is nothing new and nothing revolutionary – we only named new ideas associated with the expansion of modern technologies and communication resources in cities. Read more about the Invipo Smart City concept.

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Izmir is powered by Invipo

Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey with more than 4 milions citizens. As a part of huge ITS project, we have delivered Invipo platform to monitor and control more than 4 thousands smart devices in the city.

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Partnership with Invipo

Incinity s.r.o. is focusing on development and delivery of the best integration platform for Smart Cities and Smart Regions, so we do business in B2G field. This is big challenge and big opportunity too.

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Award winning platform

Intertraffic innovation award 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Smart city service award 2017, Seoul, Korea
Best innovation Company 2018, Zlín