Smart City concept

Invipo is flexible and open platform made by czech company Incinity.
Invipo delivers integration and interoperability for smart cities. It does not matter how big the city is. All kinds of data from various systems are interconnected by Invipo into single system with easy to watch outputs and effective control.

It does not matter
how big the city is


You choose
what you need

Invipo is a reliable solution for smart city management and overview as a whole. Citizens and municipal authorities of many cities already appreciate the help from Invipo. For small cities it takes 3-4 weeks to integrate Invipo into their IT systems and it takes only few months to integrate a big city.


What is

Invipo is the software brain of an intelligent city collecting data from connected technology and other available sources in the city. Invipo is able to evaluate the information and reports in the city control centre.
Invipo helps cities by facilitating control and has positive influence on service organization and significantly improves the quality of life for its citizen.


  • On-line information about running the city
  • Visualization of information
  • Interconnection of individual systems
  • Implementation of smart scenarios
  • Support for quick decisions
  • Outputs for planning and development
  • Provides statistics and reports


  • On-line monitoring on overview map
  • Scheduling maintenance and service
  • Overview of technology and services
  • Control all from one place
  • System notifications and alarms
  • Immediate reactions to the situations
  • Access for Integrated Rescue System


  • Provides real-time user alerts
  • Allows participation on decision-making
  • Review of traffic and parking situation
  • Support of clean mobility
  • Navigates users to secure routes
  • Smart public space
  • Open public data