Invipo functions

We believe, that there is beauty in simplicity...and also power! That is why we are making Invipo in a way to be able to cope with any challenge and not to be a nightmare for users. We focus on simplicity of code and cleanness of user interface.

Big Data

Big Data

Invipo stores huge data in every scale. This is possible due to scalable database architecture and the way how data is collected and evaluated. Then, data storage is only a questions of hardware and the storage size.

Unified user interface

user interface

Invipo has friendly and easy-to-understand user interface. Everything is simple, clear and uniform across all modules and applications. All functions are in one place and available on one click.

Event-driven and scenario-driven platform

Event-driven and scenario-driven platform

Event and smart scenarios are basic elements of Invipo platform. Event carries the information about what happened in the ecosystem and bears data and group of instructions. Once everything is in events, we can process them by using smart scenarios via our technology - the Rule Engine.

Web solutions

Powered by web technologies

Invipo stands entirely on web technologies. In most cases the web browser and access to Invipo server is the only thing you need to rule your city. We believe that we can offer everything to users through a web browser respecting the high standard of usability.

open platform

Open platform

We are open to our partners and their developers. We even offer some parts of the platform to the whole community of developers. Writing a new connector, co-brand the product or script custom scenarios is than piece of cake for them.